Center and e.GO Projects

Facilitation of such closed loops is the common denominator for the business value of 4.0 Transformation across the manufacturer’s enterprise.  This includes agile product development, real-time production management and a connected customer and product usage lifecycle.  The Internet of Production framework underlines this perspective
Together with the electrical car start-up company  e.GO Mobile and the center’s members community, the European 4.0 Transformation Center realizes projects along the Internet of Production in e.GO’s Plant 1 series factory and in the Demonstration Factory (DFA) at RWTH Aachen Campus.

Refer to the following pages to get more information on our projects.

Projects with respect to the Development Cycle 4.0

Projects with respect to the Production Cycle 4.0

Projects with respect to the User Cycle 4.0

Projects with respect to the IoT Platform for Data Aggregation and Analysis