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European 4.0 Transformation Center

We offer manufacturing companies a direct perspective and an efficient way to realizing their own agile digital transformation. The European 4.0 Transformation Center (E4TC) is a unique platform combining hands-on implementation at Next.e.GO Mobile SE and cross-discipline integration of capabilities and experiences on RWTH Aachen Campus. E4TC’s offering comprises:


02.12.2020 | 4.0 Development Cycle – New practice training on practice forum online (in German)

Learn in our latest practice training how physical products are developed in an agile way and which role digitally connected development processes play in…

06.10.2020 | Experience digitale transformation with practice forum online

The realization expertise of the European 4.0 Transformation Centers can now be found online in form of short videos (in German).


24.11.2020 | Projekt-Portfolio Insights: Smart Digital Twin Mechatronics

Learn how a Digital Twin increases maintenance efficiency through interconnected information.

09.04.2020 | Project Portfolio Insights: Optimizing Order Flow by Smart Tracking Analytics

Our member companies Elisa Smart Factory, Liebherr, PTC, and SAS team up in an E4TC sprint on optimizing Order Flow by Smart Tracking Analytics.…

The Digital Twin Mechatronic | PTC and EPLAN realize new collaboration tools for Engineering 4.0

Smart Assembly Station – The Internet of Production enables a flexible One-Piece-Flow

Augmented Reality in Laser Cutting – Increasing handling efficiency in multi-order cutting processes by AR

Optimize Digital Quality Control in Manufacturing at e.GO Mobile

Optimizing Order Flow by Smart Tracking Analytics

Increasing Mainenance Efficiency with the Smart Digital Twin Mechatronics

A digital tour through the Demonstration Factory Aachen

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