13. March 2023
At the first annual steering meeting 2023, the E4TC member community met in person and discussed new solutions to realize sustainable production as well as innovative developments within the domains of our member companies.  Marcel Hensen from Atlas Copco presented how Artificial intelligence for screwdriving by alture can create value. Bossard CTO Urs Güttinger shared interesting insights into one recent project with a smart camera solution for quality assurance in manual assembly.  Isabelle Steinhauser from HPE highlighted how sustainability can be accelerated with a holistic edge to cloud approach.

Prof. Boos, newly appointed head of the FiR and thus the cluster Smart Logistics, provided us insights into the multi-facet solution environment at our cluster. His talk, an introduction of RWTH Aachen Campus activities for sustainable production showcased how different entities bring in their strength and expertise to jointly realize a more sustainable and circular model of industrial production.

Dr. Seth Schmitz gave an inspiring talk on empower green production with the Internet of Sustainable Production. His presentation shed new light on how the strategic reference architecture, the Internet of Production can be enhanced to support circular production and connected business models.

Based on those impulses, we dedicated the afternoon to a workshop in the Demonstrationsfabrik Aachen. Gregor Tücks, head of the Demonstrationsfabrik presented us the brand-new Re-X Assessment Line, where the concept of reassembly is be realized in a practical manner. He highlighted potential applications and technologies which we then discussed with our member companies in small groups. The results are used as input for this year’s product portfolio, filling our claim of “realizing digital transformation” with new life and enriching it with a focus on sustainable and green production.

A big thank you to all of our member companies whose input and enthusiasm made the day a great success. We now look forward to put the ideas into practice.