SmartWirAR – Augmented Reality facilitates manual cabinet wiring

Even though the wiring connections of cable cabinets are nowadays mostly stored digitally, a media break occurs at the assembly stage  Typically the technician responsible for wiring of the individual components in the switch cabinet, prints out the instructions. This circumstance causes time-consuming and complicated searches for the right connections and is a time-consuming/non-value-adding method of working. In addition, errors become more likely.

In the project SmartWirAR, an augmented reality based system was developed overlays the physical workplace with the digital plans. Connected tools lead through the wiring process.


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Sprint description

In the demonstration factory, mCAD 3D cabinet layout and logical eCAD information are joined via the internet of production architecture. All relevant information is sent to the augmented reality software. The technician sees this information in real-time as overlay over the switching cabinet, using either a tablet or a wearable such as the hololens2. It displays the components to be wired in a flashing manner. The feedback from the smart connected tools enables the system to automatically recognize completed wiring steps.

With SmartWirAR, the share of non value-creating activities is decreased significantly. The technician can focus on his primary working objectives and is guided efficiently through the process.


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