Digital Transformation Programs

The European 4.0 Transformation Center (E4TC) supports manufacturing companies in:

  • 4.0 Products and Services – New markets and value through digitization, connectivity and new hybrid offerings
  • 4.0 Enterprise Processes – Agility through real-time visibility, integration, data analysis, feedbacks and continuous adaptation
  • 4.0 Business Models – New opportunities for sustainable growth delivering more value through new and scalable ways of customer intimacy or horizontal platforms
Your digital transformation program comprises company-wide objectives, the implementation of quick wins and conditions for its sustainable success.

Define digitization objectives

Growth objectives for products and services

  • New offerings
  • Connectivity
  • Product-service-hybrids

Efficiency objectives for direct and indirect processes

  • Agility and adaptability
  • Real-time visibility
  • Feedback and analysis
  • Integration and automation

Strategic objectives for new business models

  • Customer relationships
  • Platforms
  • Sustainable revenue streams

Implement quick wins

Minimum viable services pilots

Fast product prototypes

Connected systems, products, and equipment


Data architecture

Learning from process and product data

Synergies with partners

Leverage cloud offerings

New business model pilots


Ensure sustainable success

Strategic direction and top management commitment

Strategic partnerships

Adjust and focus organization

Learning culture

Test new markets and niches

Create internal and external horizontal networks

e.GO Mobile is a tangible example for digital transformation. The start-up company develops and manufactures innovative electrical vehicles under the heading “Affordable electrical cars through Industrie 4.0”.


Define digitization objectives

Connected car

  • Smartphone integration
  • Individual user services
  • Remote diagnostics

Industrie 4.0 processes

  • Agile product development (change  request)
  • 4.0 series manufacturing plant (digital shadow and 100% visibility)
  • Direct customer contact

Scalable business model

  • Leasing and sharing
  • Value added services
  • International markets

Implement quick wins

RWTH Aachen Campus network and resources

Fast, partial prototypes

Agile IT deployment for organization build-up

Quick implementations leveraging standards

  • Applications
  • Components
  • Cloud offerings

Need-driven apps

Partner win-wins based on technology prototypes


Ensure sustainable success

Independent Spin-off

Continuous validation of assumptions and adjustments

Focus on target markets as sweet spots for electrical cars

Strong partner eco-system

The E4TC uses the “Internet of Production” framework defined by WZL of RWTH Aachen to structure the digital transformation of industrial processes into iterative cycles.
Together with our members we already realized large parts at e.GO and in Center Projects.