29. November 2017
“Digital & Physical Convergence” was this year’s topic at the PTC Forum Europe on November 14th 2017 from our partner PTC. As an exhibitor, E4TC presented the electric vehicle e.GO Life as well as the “Internet of Production”, a framework for digital Transformation. By presenting the IT-Architecture employed at e.GO, the car manufacturer’s digital Transformation process was made tangible.

With the conference’s topic in mind, the development of the e.GO Life demonstrates how a product can fuse with the digital world. During its whole product lifecycle from development to production, use and service, the e.GO is accompanied by digital systems that form a virtual image of the car. Visitors of the PTC Forum could experience both at the E4TC booth – the physical product as well as the digital systems of the e.GO Life

The event with its over 2000 visitors lead to many fascinating conversations about digital transformation as well as the IT-Systems of the future. We especially enjoyed the strong interest in E4TC as a partner and pioneer for the realization of digital transformation projects, like with e.GO Mobile AG.