User Cycle 4.0

The digital User Cycle entails the external customer journey from website to sales configurator to webshop as well as the underlying internal marketing and sales processes. After the delivery of the e.GO Life, the customer downloads an app that  taps into real-time telemetry data of the vehicle. Workshops utilize a dedicated e.GO Service app to purchase spare parts and manage service orders. This digital ecosystem covers all User Cycle activities in the user cycle, offering a strong foundation for data-driven feedback to the various internal processes of the manufacturer.


Sales Configurator and Webshop (justSelling)

The e.GO Life shows for how online sales of a configure-to-order product can be realized. With the help of a single sales configurator, the product is tailored to the customer‘s needs. The configurator is easily accessible on the company website. Orders are processed in a connected webshop and automatically forwarded to the ERP-system in the Production Cycle.


Customer Relationship Management (Ad Ultima)

Customer interactions occur before and after the purchase through various channels, e.g., internet or telephone. All information generated through the various touchpoints is automatically included into the CRM-system and made available to all relevant departments. Customer segments and their behaviour can be analysed and understood to improve processes and offerings.


Car to Cloud Connectivity

During usage, vehicles produce a wide variety of data. The built-in TCU (telematic control unit) sends relevant data via a built-in SIM card to the IoT cloud. The TCU includes an eCall function (automatic detection of accidents and emergency call), and DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) about potential vehicle problems.


Driver App

Upon delivery of an e.GO Life, the customer can access and personalize his driver app to use value added services like newsfeed, intelligent navigation based on the current battery status, contacting customer service, and total cost of ownership analysis.


Workshop Cockpit

The Workshop Cockpit connects e.GO Mobile to Bosch Car Services workshops.  Upon entering a vehicle, the service partner can access information about the detailed vehicle configuration, handle warranty cases, order spare parts and manage service orders. This allows to create and store the „as maintained“ status of every vehicle. Further data analysis provides input to future product improvements.