IoT Platform for Data Aggregation and Analysis

The Internet of Production is defined by the collection and aggregation of data from various connected things and systems. PTC‘s Thingworx platform allows to connect to all kinds of sources and collect data from them according to specific use case needs. It is easy to reuse and add connectors and datapoints. App-driven user interaction is enabled via browser-based mash-ups that are simple to confgure and enhance in an agile way.
Connected Things and Systems

Data aggregation starts with the live connection to various data sources. One example is Bossard‘s Smart Bin that is equipped with weight sensors. Atlas Copco assembly tools, Klauke crimping tools, Lorch welding equipment and TRUMPF laser cutting machines belong to the same category of things as data sources.

IoT Connectors

A connector example is this XML script driving Bossard‘s ARIMS data to the Thingworx IoT Platform.

Thingworx Server

Thingworx Server is the hub to source, aggregate and distribute data in real-time. This middle layer allows for business logic, analyses and streaming data into apps.

Thingworx Mashup Builder for App Creation

With mashup builder, apps can be configured quickly using pre-defined widgets to visualize real-time data from the chosen connected data sources. All widgets, such as diagrams or hyperlinks to other internal pages are fully customizable. The resulting apps are interactive and can be used to send steering commands back to connected systems and things.